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 As Supervisor, one of the more difficult challenges will be to supervise a collection of individuals towards common goals. Your employees will have varied interest, wants and needs. Interpersonal relationships may range from friendly to indifferent to hostile. Equally, some employees may believe that separate achievement is much more important than aggregate success. Regardless of the challenges, the long and short of it is this:  achieving collaborative employee action begins with the individual acts that must emanate from the Supervisor.  The primary way your employees will know that team work is important is for you to first demonstrate it, support it, and reward it.

Your employees will welcome the opportunity to have a voice with setting team goals and objectives. Your use of statements such as “we” and “our” with them will help demonstrate your commitment to group synergy. Encouraging workplace collaboration will open employee communication, shared thinking, and will demonstrate your support of teamwork. Your public recognition of individual as well as group contributions will shed light on the importance of group dynamics.

As Supervisor, leave your employees with the perpetual notion that you are the most selfless person in your group.




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