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“You cannot build character by taking away man’s initiative and independence”.

Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States, (1809-1865)

There is a  correlation between  organizations  that encourage workplace initiative and successful goal attainment. Managers can support workplace initiatives in two ways: by  having it and allowing it. As a Manager , why is it important to have it?  Because employees want to be led by someone who sets things in motion as opposed to someone who merely goes through the motions. They hope for someone who is proactive in attempting to understand new work rules, policies, or procedures, and  will  openly communicate with them as to  how they might be impacted. Employees admire a Manager who is willing to take risks with proposals that are less than perfect, rather than having one who is hesitant about moving forward with plans even when they are a “10″. They respect being supervised by someone who makes it a habit to come to work early and stay late before being asked to increase their productivity. Lastly, they desire to work for someone who has the foresight to offer them assistance in advance, rather than correction in hindsight.

As a Manager, why is it important to allow employees to have it? Because fresh developments readily flow from employees who are allowed to incorporate new ideas and concepts in their work. Managers should routinely encourage them to identify new solutions to address old  problems. Workplace motivation increases when employees are allowed to take risks and to experiment with concepts that could be beneficial to the organization,  all without the fear of criticism or repercussions.

Managers  must always remember that workplace improvements come from employee empowerment and not constraint.


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